In Development

The development of every D13 project is tailored to the nature of the texts at hand and the conceptual and aesthetic intentions of participating artists.

Typically a project's starting point is text-based. A selected play, novel or found text is read at the table with the participation of performers and designers (this has included set, lighting, and sound designers, as well as composers and choreographers).  Together, we gather to outline the major challenges and opportunities found in the text. We read and we imagine.

This period is followed by one or more "lab" phases, usually involving evocative locations and several weeks of rehearsal with a selection of the design elements (sound systems, costume pieces, props and scenic elements, rigging, etc.) and an initial cast. These phases also involves intensive dramaturgical research and comprise a major conceptual growth period for our work. As the design elements and performance aesthetic are developed in relation to one another, the lab atmosphere fosters a tight and dynamic interplay of disciplines.  It is during this phase that each of our works grows to be a mature and distinct work.

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