Past Productions

Beckett SHORTS [4]
Comprised of Act Without Words I, Breath, That Time and Rockaby, this site-specific tour led the audience in and around the 140,000 sf Old American Can Factory complex in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Rooftops, stairwells and a basement lake provided a distinct and evocative environment for each performance.

An eight-minute play by Samuel Beckett produced site-specifically in an empty Chicago home.

Eugene Ionesco's wildly adventurous re-imagination of Shakespeare's classic in premiere translation by Gavin Witt. Joseph Jefferson Award Winner for Excellence in Sound Design.
Night, Night
A short film starring Alan Tudyk and Amy Sedaris. Screenplayt by Will Eno, based on his stage play TRAGEDY: a tragedy.
How to Be Sawed in Half
Hurt McDermott's poetic look at the final performance of a failed magician and his lovely assistant, in site-specific production at Chicago's 900-seat Athenaeum Theatre.
The Mustache
Katie Taber's premiere adaptation of the haunting contemporary French novel by Emmanuel Carrère.
A 20-minute Samuel Beckett short performed in a store window on a busy Chicago street.
The Enduring Legend of Marinka Pinka and Tommy Atomic
Romanian writer Oana Cajal's darkly comic portrayal of a fictional refugee relocation center.
BLOOD LINE: The Oedipus/Antigone Story
Sophocles' Oedipus the King and Antigone presented as act one and act two, in premiere translations by Nicholas Rudall. After Dark Award Winners for both Outstanding Production and Best New Translation.
The War
Adapted from La Douleur, Marguerite Duras' World War II memoir of her time in Nazi-occupied Paris – presented in work-in-progress showings.
Bombs in the Ladies Room
A site-specific multimedia work based on true accounts of six convicted women terrorists and their captivity in experimental sensory-deprivation prisons.
The Balcony
A lush and sexually charged interpretation of Jean Genet's masterpiece, performed in the cave-like basement of Chicago's Chopin Theatre.

The Precipice
The company's inaugural production, collaboratively developed and directed by the founding members.