Amy Sedaris as Constance at the Home. Night, Night included 6 nights of exterior shooting during one of Chicago's coldest Decembers on record.
Alan Tudyk as Michael the Legal Advisor, outside the Governor's office.
Blue screen technique was used to create the studio for the anchor, called “Frank in the Studio” portrayed by Darryl Warren.
From left to right, director Joanna Settle rehearses the sit-com with actors Katie Taber, Aaron Cedolia, and Matthew Krause. The sit-com, which opens the film to be interrupted by the newscast, was shot on 35mm film. The newscast was shot on broadcast quality video.
Alan Tudyk (Michael the Legal Advisor) listening to notes from director Joanna Settle, as they hover near a kerosene heater.
Night, Night
Credits    Cast    Crew
A Short Film
By Will Eno
Directed by Joanna Settle
Co-Produced with Bucktown Pictures
Executive Producer, Philip Faversham

Cascando Photo
Night, Night Postcard

About the Text:

Screenwriter Will Eno, when asked to summarize Night, Night, wrote: "The sun has set over streets of houses, government buildings, and American backyards everywhere. Part of the world has grown dark. A news team is on the scene. Their report: someone left the lawn sprinklers on; someone's horse is loose; a seashell is lying in the grass; dogs run by; it's dark out. The Governor issues excited statements appealing for calm. It is nighttime in the northwest of the world. Everyone is afraid. Everyone doesn't know if the sun, once down, will ever rise again. But there is a witness, and the witness will speak."

Joanna Settle first read Guggenheim Award-winning Will Eno's stage play, TRAGEDY: a tragedy (from which Night, Night was adapted, in 1999.  Settle fell for the script, a modern, existential, and sharply intelligent drama-comedy about a television news team.

While D13 presented a reading of the play in 2000, TRAGEDY: a gragedy still awaits its much-deserved American debut.  It received its world premiere at The Gate Theater in London in 2001.

About the Film:
While D13's original intent to fully produce TRAGEDY: a tragedy was not realized (due to purely fiscal constraints), Settle was fortunateto be approached by Chicago’s Bucktown Pictures about directing a film.  She in turn approached Eno about adapting his text, as the script seemed an obvious match for D13's interests and the available resources. Eno began work on his screenplay, and Night, Night went into production.   Executive Producer Philip Faversham was brought on board in conjunction with the team from Bucktown Pictures, D13's members and artistic associates.

Night, Night was filmed almost exclusively with an outdoor, overnight shooting schedule (four shoots were scheduled from 4pm to 4am), in early December of 2000, during sub-zero weather.   Heavy-duty outdoor heaters (resembling small jet engnes) were brought on-site, hot enough to melt the rubber on your boots.

The film, which features Alan Tudyk and Amy Sedaris, as well as D13 Artistic Associate David Neumann, is currently in a state of rough edit, and has received one public showing at t Angelika Film Centre.


Producers: Bucktown Pictures, Leigh Jones, Dave Carlson, Division 13 Productions
Executive Producers: Philip Faversham, Joseph T. George, Shan Padda, Anita Drobny
Music and Sound Design: Maestro Matic
Costume Design: Stacey Ellen Rich
Production Designer: Merje Veski
Art Director: Alex Blunt
Editor: Chrisropher Gotschall

Aaron Cedolia (Steve)
Tom Groenwald (The Witness)
Matthew Krause (Peter)
Mick Napier (Boss)
David Neumann (John in the Field)
Amy Sedaris (Constance at the Home)
Katie Taber (Mary)
Alan Tudyk (Michael the Legal Advisor)
Darryl Warren (Frank in the Studio)

1st Assistant Camera: Jim Adkins
Assistant Editor: Alain Blair
Graphic Design: IndeDigital
After Effects Artists/Digital Composition: Alain Blair
Make-up: James Boehmer
Unit Production Manager: Leigh Jones
Production Coordinator: Marie Frick
Script Supervisor: Stephanie Turner
Assistant to the Director: Anne DeAcetis
1st Assistant Director: Mike Frank
2nd Assistant Director: Tom Pacy
Production Mixer: Andy Motz
Boom Operator: Andre Pluess
Additional Boom: Christina Goodman
Gaffer: Eric Wheeler
Grip: Erin J. Huntemanns
Key Production Assistant: Kara Bauer
Production Intern: Marlon Gualberto
Production Assistants: Britney Bezirgan, Tom Schultz, Christina Vasquez