"Filled with glowing performances among the vast ensemble – most striking of which is Anne DeAcetis’ androgynous teen who mesmerizes his campmates with a chess set made from bread."
- Gay Chicago Magazine
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Anne DeAcetis as the young boy Yuli, and D13 Artistic Associate Mark Ulrich as Herr Faust.




Terry Hamilton (upstage) as Misha and Jason Hagemann as the silent Mr. H.
The Enduring Legend of Marinka Pinka and Tommy Atomic
Program Information    Cast    Production Staff
By Oana-Maria Cajal
Directed by Joanna Settle
A co-production with SummerNITE, a program of Northern Illinois University
The Theatre Building, Chicago
July 1999

About the Text:
In the wake of BLOOD LINE's success, Joanna Settle was invited by Northern Illinois University to direct their annual SummerNITE production which serves as a showcase for the graduating MFA class.
Oana-Maria Cajal’s modern, absurdist fairy tale, The Enduring Legend of Marinka Pinka and Tommy Atomic, is set in a fictional refugee camp in Eastern Europe.  The inhabitants entertain bittersweet dreams of a future that will leave behind both their poverty and their history.
Conversations of how to address the text’s eerie timeliness (during this period, the New York Times ran daily photographs of refugees from Kosovo) ultimately led to the decision to make the work a co-production between Division 13 Productions and NIU. D13’s strength with design-centric work provided a strong compliment to Cajal’s evocative text, specifically in drawing images from the media and re-imagining them in theatrical context.

  Enduring Legend Photo
The imigration center. Also seen is the installation treatment of the audience area - covered in copies of identifying documents such as drivers licenses, passports, birth certificates. The stage is covered in bright green astroturf.

About the Production:
Audiences entered the playing space (one of the studio theatres in Chicago’s Theatre Building) through the flaps of a Red Cross tent. Revealed on the stage was a woman, sleeping on a mattress in the middle of a field of bright green Astroturf, in front of another tent. The seats, floors, and walls of the audience area were littered with immigration documents, forms of identification, and legal treatises on refugee status.  Life-size, faceless puppets sat in several seats, and were jerked to standing during one scene to stand in line in the camp's immigration center.
The actors worked with Settle to form a community of the displaced: people who did not know one another or like one another, who did not speak the same dialects and who could not understand each another, and whose knowledge of their neighbor was limited to rumor and ethnic prejudice. Even in the face of these rifts, leaving one another would become yet another unbearable separation.
Mike Frank’s evocative sound design featured the raw, animal music of authentic gypsy clans. Performers from D13 included Eve Alexander as Little Eva, Mark Ulrich as the darkly fascinating Herr Faust and Anne DeAcetis as his protégée Yuli, a 14-year old Russian boy.

Program Information:

Scenic Design: Sahin Sahinoglu
Lighting Design: Jack Magraw
Costume Design: Melanie Baumgartner
Sound Design: Mike Frank
Stage Manager: Lesley Anne Stone


Eve Alexander (Little Eva)
Kris Allen (Translator)
Debra Babich (Penca)
Tony Casale (Twin)
Anne DeAcetis (Yuli)
Jason Hagemann (Mr. H.)
Terry Hamilton (Misha)
Dana Hardy (Chorus)
Julie Hart (Eva)
David Ihrig (Tank)
Christian Kohn (Grabowski)
John Lu (Businessman)
Ryan Malo (Twin)
Felisha Norman (Bambi)
James Overlin (Barbic)
Harry Simmon (Octav)
Heatherly Stephens (Seraphina)
Mark Ulrich (Herr Faust)

Production Staff:

Technical Director: Tom Floeter
Assistant Director: Katie Taber
Second Assistant Director: Tom Duncan
Sound and Light Board Operators: Jake Austin, Randy Stonitsch
Dramatug: Megan Rodgers
Vocal Coach: Tanera Marshall
Producer: Alexander F. Adducci
SummerNITE Artistic Director: Christopher Markle
Literary Managers and Assistants to Mr. Markle: Kris Allen, Dana Hardy
Marketing Director: David W. Booth
Company Manager: Tom Duncan