Katie Taber is made up by Joanna Settle before performances of Cascando.
Katie Taber, Managing Director

Taber is a founding member of Division 13 Productions and has served as their managing director for 8 years. Performance credits with D13 include: Opener in Cascando, W in Rockaby, and W1 in Play (all by Samuel Beckett) Lady Duncan/Lady Macbett/Witch #1 in Macbett, Tiresias in BLOOD LINE: the Oedipus/Antigone Story, the Bishop's Girl (Rosine) in The Balcony and Joan (Jean) in Ionesco's Journeys Among the Dead, which Settle adapted for her. Other New York credits include Helen in Michael McClures' VKTMS: Orestes in Scenes (Verse Theater Manhattan), Jean in Ionesco's Rhinoceros, the Trojan Women at The Juilliard School (invited guest artist). Film credits include Siam in Siam's Light (Bucktown Pictures) and Mary in Division 13's Night, Night, among other projects. Taber co-created Division 13's inaugural production The Precipice and co-adapted (with Joanna Settle) Marguerite Duras' The War. Taber adapted and director D13's acclaimed premiere of The Mustache based on the novel by Emmanuel Carrère. Taber is a graduate of Hampshire College, studied at the American Conservatory Theatre, and is a member of the Lincoln Center Director's Lab.

Prior to founding Division 13 Productions in 1995, Taber's studies included acting, dance, playwriting, directing, theatre management, and video production. In addition to her theatre training, Taber pursued an intensive course of study on the causes, symptoms, and repercussion of severe mental illness, particularly schizophrenia. 1994, Taber wrote and performed the lead role in Variations, an original play about the effects of schizophrenia on the immediate family. Variations received a Threshold Award for continued development.


In addition to creating theatrical works that are vibrant and relevant, Taber has long been committed to assuring that live theatre is seen and appreciated by a wide and diverse audience thereby ensuring the continuity of the form. Toward this end, Taber worked consistently in Chicago as a teaching artist, teaching and performing in more than 100 Chicago schools and community centers. After relocating to New York, Taber worked several years for Theatre Communication Group (TCG), the national service organization of the American not-for-profit theatre and publisher of American Theatre.

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